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Pregnant in Durham, Chapel Hill, or Hillsborough? You've come to the right place! Our mission at Bull City Beginnings is to provide evidence-based education and community for expecting and new parents in Durham and Chapel Hill. Our focus is empowering both partners in labor, removing fear surrounding childbirth, and creating informed and confident new parents. We do this through our evidence-based childbirth education course which is the foundation of our BCB community and the springboard into everything else we have to offer! As certified birth doulas, we value continuous support for mothers throughout their pregnancy and childbirth journey, and would be honored to be part of yours.


Pregnant Woman with Mother

I wasn’t expecting to learn much because we had already taken a birth class with the hospital for our first kid, but boy was I wrong. They did such a thorough job teaching us about every aspect of childbirth that I found myself really regretful that we hadn’t used them with our the first kid as well...I would definitely recommend their class for anyone who is expecting, even if you’ve taken prior childbirth classes before.

Isaac, Expectant Father

This class gives you one priceless thing: courage. Courage to enjoy your pregnancy and birth, courage to fall even more in love with your partner in the process, and courage to be your own educated advocate in a birth setting. My partner and I are so grateful for the things we’ve learned and look forward to implementing them at our birth. Thank you, Elise and Jenny!

Amelia, Expectant Mother

Jenny made a huge difference in our labor and delivery! She strengthened our whole birth team as soon as she walked into the room: she made helpful suggestions to reduce my partner’s pain and took turns with me physically supporting my partner when necessary, but also gave us space to be there for one another. She quietly and deliberately built my confidence as a birth partner and a new parent, and made sure to help me bond with our baby and to enjoy the important moments amidst all the excitement.

Simon, First Time Father

In our first meeting, Elise said that part of her job was to help the partner provide ample support to the laboring woman. Through modeling what to do and remaining calm and steady, she gave a lot of confidence to my husband which in turn made childbirth an experience that brought us closer together as a couple. We definitely had a good childbirth experience and are so grateful to think back on this huge life event positively. I don't know if we could say that if we didn't have Elise there with us.

Caroline, First Time Mother

Baby's Grasp


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Please note that we do not provide postpartum doula or sibling doula services and typically reserve birth doula services for students of our class.

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