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We believe that all women should have continuous labor support. Doulas play an important role in offering this support as well as facilitating the journey between you and your partner. We offer doula services, as a team, primarily to students of our childbirth class. Please note that we do not provide postpartum or sibling doula services, though we are always happy to provide a recommendation or referral.


Our Model

Our doula clients take our childbirth class, which means that we know what you know! This way, we can jump right into specifics when it comes to discussing your birth plan and how to best support you. It also means that we have 14 hours of class to get to know one another well! By the end of the class you will know both Elise and Jenny. This allows us to serve all doula clients as a team, taking turns being on call, and still giving you the confidence of hiring a doula who is familiar to you. 

Doula Description


Let's chat to determine if we're a good fit.


1-2 prenatal meetings to make sure we understand your desires for your birth.


Rest assured we will be there when it's time, supporting you and your partner every way we can.


1 meeting after your birth, to process the experience and connect you to local resources.

What's Included in our Services?

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